Teacher Superheroes: When the Classroom Gets Tough

Many of us became teachers for the same reasons. We wanted to share our knowledge. We wanted to guide others. We wanted to inspire and be inspired. We wanted to care and love for those we teach.

Many of us became teachers for the right reasons.

We are teachers though. We aren’t angels and not superheroes, even though some of our younger students might think so.

The students we care for are a complicated bunch. They all have different backgrounds and different stories. Some of their lives are more complicated than others. Some of them live extremely complicated lives and often can take that baggage to school with them every day.

Those are the children that need us the most. They need the consistency and routine of our classrooms and school life.

We aren’t superheroes though.

When you have several students in your classroom each day bringing their baggage, it can be draining for you as a teacher.

Sometimes you can get worn down. Sometimes you get frustrated. Sometimes you want to pull your own hair out.

Those are the times you need to stop, breath deep and remember why you do what you do.

Those kids who may cause you the most frustration are probably the ones who need you the most.

You have supportive and understanding colleagues who know where you are and where you’re going. Share your feelings with them.

Decompress on the weekend. Do something to unwind. Go for a walk. Dive into that hobby you have that helps you relax. Hug someone you love.

On Monday morning, those kids will ready and waiting for you.

You might not feel like a superhero, but for many of them, you are!




About the Writer:

Kevin O’Shea is an IB/PYP educator currently based in Beijing, China. He is a father, husband, and avid conservationist. Kevin is also the host of the upcoming Making Better Teachers Podcast as well as the host of the long-running Just Japan Podcast.

Twitter: @MadForMaple

Email: makingbetterteachers@gmail.com




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