Making Better Teachers Podcast Episode 19: International Leadership

What’s it like to have a leadership role in a Canadian school versus an international school? What challenges and rewards are there when someone in a leadership role transitions to an international education setting? This week we chat with Ann Marie Luce, Elementary Principal at a large international school in Beijing, China. We learn about her journey from being a leader in Canada to making the move abroad.

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WeeklyMBTPArt - Episode19

This week’s guest is Ann Marie Luce.

Follow her on Twitter: @turnmeluce

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About the Podcaster/Writer:

Kevin O’Shea is a PYP/Nature/Outdoor educator currently based in Beijing, China. He is a father, husband, and avid conservationist. Kevin is an advocate for outdoor play and nature education.  He is the host of the long-running Just Japan Podcast and the BRAND NEW Making Better Teachers Podcast!

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Podcast host/producer and educator, Kevin O’Shea.

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