Making Better Teachers: Update

As you noticed, it has now been more than eight months since I last posted an episode of the Making Better Teachers Podcast.

I can honestly admit that the sun has set on the podcast. I decided to throw in the towel because I was simply burning myself out. Being active in the world of education influencers was also a bit much for me.

In order to have a successful podcast, you must of course make a decent product, and then you must actively market it. That means spending a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter. That means a putting lot of time into networking with other podcasters, the who’s who of the education scene, and a lot more.

That was simply too much for me.

I thought of starting the show again, but then the pandemic hit.

My family and I left China in February and have been living out of suitcases in Japan ever since.

During this difficult time, I really reconnected myself with my passion for exploring nature and sharing it with the world. That was incredibly therapeutic and continues to bring joy. I have been focusing on nature photography, creating learning engagements in the outdoors, and of course my family.

Over the years as an educator, I have taught countless inquiry lessons that connect young learners with the real world. I’ve decided to start sharing many of those lessons right here.

Keep an eye on this space for lessons that will connect Early Years and Elementary learners with the natural world. Not just lessons about biodiversity and conservation, but literacy and numeracy ideas as well.

I hope you are all healthy and keep safe.





About the Podcaster/Writer:

Kevin O’Shea is a PYP/Nature/Outdoor educator currently based in Shenzhen, China (currently in Japan). He is a father, husband, and avid naturalist. Kevin is an advocate for outdoor play and nature education.  He was the host of the long-running Just Japan Podcast and the  Making Better Teachers Podcast!

Twitter: @MadForMaple

Instagram: @shizenwildlife

Facebook: Making Better Teachers



Kevin O’Shea

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