Outdoor Learning: Connecting Kids with Nature

Playing outside is essential to the healthy growth of children. Children need to get outside, get dirty and discover the natural world around them. They need to, but they are not. In a recent article in “The Guardian”, a survey in the U.K. showed that 74% of children spent less than 60 minutes a day playing... Continue Reading →

International Teaching: Is it the right fit for you?

You’ve just graduated from a teacher education program in your home country and are thinking about having an adventure before settling down. Maybe you are years into your teaching career and feel you need to shake things up. Could making the move to international teaching be the right move for you? Well, of course, that... Continue Reading →

Writing your morning message

Once upon a time, it was known as Circle Time with Kindergarten and early elementary grades. These days it can be referred to as Morning Meeting, Daily Meeting, and many other things. For the sake of this post, I’ll refer to it as Morning Meeting since that’s what I now call it with my current... Continue Reading →

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