Reimagining What’s Possible: Urban Outdoor Learning Spaces

This has been an exciting week for me as an educator. It’s nearing Halloween (one of my favorite celebrations of the year) and I am on my way back from Shenzhen, China. What was I doing there? I was presenting at the ACAMIS ECE Conference. ACAMIS is a group of almost eighty international schools in... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Reflection as a Teacher

When I was a student in my teacher education program at university I was very fortunate to have some amazing instructors. My program was a little different than others. My literacy and numeracy instructors were both award-winning coaches from the local school board who were on leave for a year to teach at the university.... Continue Reading →

The AMAZING Classroom Makerspace

How do we encourage our students to be more creative? How do we foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills? In my years in the classroom, I have found that by having a maker space that’s actually inside my classroom has helped a lot. When I first came across the idea of a Makerspace for my... Continue Reading →

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