Making Better Teachers Podcast Episode 15 – Classroom Technology

How should schools implement technology in the classroom? How can teachers use technology? How can we make technology meaningful? This week we chat with Craig Kemp, a Head of Digital Learning and Innovation based in Singapore. He shares with us some wonderful insights about how technology should be used in educational settings and also recommends... Continue Reading →

Making Better Teachers Podcast Episode 9 – Teaching Design, Thinking Design

What does Design Class look like in modern middle and high schools? What do students learn and why are they learning those skills? From coding to building, students do a lot! We learn about Design in the modern classroom from Jason Reagin, Design teacher at Chadwick International School.   Listen to the Making Better Teachers... Continue Reading →

Evolving Classrooms: Paper Portfolios…RIP

Where I am in my teaching career and where I work as a teacher, paper portfolios to showcase student achievement are a thing of the past. This is something that puts a smile on my face. In the modern age of technology, apps, blogs, and micro-blogs, there really isn’t a need for traditional paper portfolios.... Continue Reading →

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