Making Better Teachers Podcast 22: Teaching Science and Bugs & Stuff

What's it like to teach science and conservation to both adults and children? This week we chat with Cari Ritzenthaler, co-host of the Bugs & Stuff podcast. She is a  scientist, adjunct instructor and works in an elementary school in the United States. Cari also co-hosts the Bugs & Stuff Podcast, a show all about... Continue Reading →

Making Better Teachers Podcast Episode 16: ALT Training and Teaching English

What is an Assistant Language Teacher and what do they do? If you're teaching English abroad, where can you get professional development? This week we chat with David Hayter from ALT Training Online. We learn about the job and free PD opportunities for teachers across Japan and elsewhere.   Listen to the Making Better Teachers... Continue Reading →

Building Community with Parents

As teachers, we often read blog posts about building community within our classrooms. We also have these discussions on a near daily basis with our colleagues and our PLN (Professional Learning Network) in spaces like Twitter. Building community within your class is the key to having not only a functioning classroom but a thriving one.... Continue Reading →

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