The Louisbourg Fire Department – By William A. O’Shea

The History of┬áThe┬áLouisbourg Fire Department - by William A OShea (Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada). Written by William A. O'Shea and published on June 18th, 1995. Part 2 in the history series. A dedicated website to this work will be up and running in the next few days and posts will no longer be on Making... Continue Reading →

The Louisburg Brass Bands – by William A. O’Shea

There are many kinds of teachers in the world. When we think of the word "teacher", often we have images of someone standing in front of a classroom teaching young learners literacy and numeracy. Teachers come in many forms. Some of the greatest teachers are those of history. Every community has a history. That is... Continue Reading →

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