Outdoor Education Cookbook: Virtual Nature Walks

Recently I was asked by a Kindergarten teacher who works and teaches in India to give a talk to her class about plants. I decided to bring them on a virtual nature walk using Zoom.  How did I do it? I went to a local park near where I stay and took a close walk... Continue Reading →

Making Better Teachers Podcast Episode 6 – Getting Students Outdoors to Play

Why should teachers focus more on getting kids outdoors to play? How does outdoor play benefit us all? In Episode 6 (Chinese New Year holiday bonus episode), host Kevin O'Shea goes solo to advocate for more outdoor play and nature education for children! Everyone wins when our little ones get outdoors to play and discover... Continue Reading →

Math Outdoors: Even and Odd Numbers

  I have always been a huge advocate of outdoor learning and outdoor play. I think it stems from my upbringing in rural Canada and I grew up with a close connection to the outdoors and nature. That coupled with the sadness I have felt my entire international teaching career, working in large cities where... Continue Reading →

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