Reimagining What’s Possible: Urban Outdoor Learning Spaces

This has been an exciting week for me as an educator. It’s nearing Halloween (one of my favorite celebrations of the year) and I am on my way back from Shenzhen, China. What was I doing there? I was presenting at the ACAMIS ECE Conference. ACAMIS is a group of almost eighty international schools in... Continue Reading →

Making the Pivot Away from Tech in the Classroom

Tech has become more and more prevalent in classrooms across the world in recent years. It has become a wonderful way to connect students with others around the world, give them new avenues of creativity and access to knowledge may not have had in the past. I personally think it has also become a way... Continue Reading →

The AMAZING Classroom Makerspace

How do we encourage our students to be more creative? How do we foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills? In my years in the classroom, I have found that by having a maker space that’s actually inside my classroom has helped a lot. When I first came across the idea of a Makerspace for my... Continue Reading →

New Teacher Advice: Ask for Help!

Seriously folks… Ask for help if you need it. All people who are new to the classroom need help and advice from others. You have decided that you had something of value to give to others so you decided to become a teacher. Whether in an elementary school in Toronto, a high school in Boston,... Continue Reading →

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