Making Better Teachers Podcast 26: Inspire Citizens

Who is reshaping education in a time when we need it? Who is impacting educators and students around the world at a time when the world is in need of help? Inspire Citizens are! We chat with Steve Sostak and Aaron Moniz from They cohosted the Shekou SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Summit in Shenzhen,... Continue Reading →

Making Better Teachers Podcast Episode 18: PubPD and PubPDasia

How often do you attend formal PD sessions? How often do you attend Professional Development sessions that are a little "Outside the Box"? This week we learn about one of those sessions. We chat with Carlos Galvez all about #PubPD and more specifically, #PubPDasia. This fun PD is set in pubs around the world and... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Reflection as a Teacher

When I was a student in my teacher education program at university I was very fortunate to have some amazing instructors. My program was a little different than others. My literacy and numeracy instructors were both award-winning coaches from the local school board who were on leave for a year to teach at the university.... Continue Reading →

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