Making Better Teachers Podcast – Episode 13: The Importance of Learning Additional Languages

Did you learn a second or third language when you were in school? In this week's episode, we chat with Leila Claire Rabord, an international Middle and High School French teacher. We chat about her life as an international educator and the importance of learning additional languages. In 2019, many schools use the term Global... Continue Reading →

Making Better Teachers Podcast Episode 10 – What’s a House System?

What is a House System anyway? If you're from the U.K., you probably know, but if you're from North America, maybe not. In this episode, we chat with Lee Blowers, an elementary school teacher, and blogger based in London. He talks all about the benefits of having a House System at your school.  Listen to... Continue Reading →

Building Community with Parents

As teachers, we often read blog posts about building community within our classrooms. We also have these discussions on a near daily basis with our colleagues and our PLN (Professional Learning Network) in spaces like Twitter. Building community within your class is the key to having not only a functioning classroom but a thriving one.... Continue Reading →

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