The Louisbourg Fire Department – By William A. O’Shea

The History of The Louisbourg Fire Department - by William A OShea (Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada). Written by William A. O'Shea and published on June 18th, 1995. Part 2 in the history series. A dedicated website to this work will be up and running in the next few days and posts will no longer be on Making... Continue Reading →

Making Better Teachers Podcast Episode 16: ALT Training and Teaching English

What is an Assistant Language Teacher and what do they do? If you're teaching English abroad, where can you get professional development? This week we chat with David Hayter from ALT Training Online. We learn about the job and free PD opportunities for teachers across Japan and elsewhere.   Listen to the Making Better Teachers... Continue Reading →

Writing your morning message

Once upon a time, it was known as Circle Time with Kindergarten and early elementary grades. These days it can be referred to as Morning Meeting, Daily Meeting, and many other things. For the sake of this post, I’ll refer to it as Morning Meeting since that’s what I now call it with my current... Continue Reading →

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