Making Better Teachers Podcast Episode 15 – Classroom Technology

How should schools implement technology in the classroom? How can teachers use technology? How can we make technology meaningful? This week we chat with Craig Kemp, a Head of Digital Learning and Innovation based in Singapore. He shares with us some wonderful insights about how technology should be used in educational settings and also recommends... Continue Reading →

Making Better Teachers Podcast Episode 8 – Overcoming Challenges

What challenges have you faced in the classroom that changed you as a person and the way you teach? In this bonus episode, Kevin shares a story about how a challenging student made him a better educator. Some podcast news as well! The MBTP is now part of the VoicED Radio Network ..... amazing content... Continue Reading →

Teaching Goals for 2019

2018 is drawing to a close and I wanted to look forward to the new year. When classes commence for me on January 7th, I will be halfway through the school year. The year began in a bumpy fashion, but with a great deal of patience, through, support from colleagues and my family, things turned... Continue Reading →

New Teacher Advice: Ask for Help!

Seriously folks… Ask for help if you need it. All people who are new to the classroom need help and advice from others. You have decided that you had something of value to give to others so you decided to become a teacher. Whether in an elementary school in Toronto, a high school in Boston,... Continue Reading →

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