5 Simple Classroom Management Strategies

It’s January of 2019 and sometimes the start of the new calendar year after the Winter Holiday can be a good time to reboot as a teacher. Maybe you were having some issues with classroom management in the fall and want to try some new things? Maybe your class is doing well, but you are... Continue Reading →

Outdoor Learning: The World Under a Rock

Often people lament that they are unable to connect with nature because it may be too far away. In a way, I understand their thinking. I grew up in rural Eastern Canada and the forests and shorelines of Nova Scotia were my playgrounds. I was extremely close to nature as a child and young adult.... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Reflection as a Teacher

When I was a student in my teacher education program at university I was very fortunate to have some amazing instructors. My program was a little different than others. My literacy and numeracy instructors were both award-winning coaches from the local school board who were on leave for a year to teach at the university.... Continue Reading →

The AMAZING Classroom Makerspace

How do we encourage our students to be more creative? How do we foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills? In my years in the classroom, I have found that by having a maker space that’s actually inside my classroom has helped a lot. When I first came across the idea of a Makerspace for my... Continue Reading →

New Teacher Advice: Ask for Help!

Seriously folks… Ask for help if you need it. All people who are new to the classroom need help and advice from others. You have decided that you had something of value to give to others so you decided to become a teacher. Whether in an elementary school in Toronto, a high school in Boston,... Continue Reading →

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