Making Better Teachers Podcast Episode 15 – Classroom Technology

How should schools implement technology in the classroom? How can teachers use technology? How can we make technology meaningful? This week we chat with Craig Kemp, a Head of Digital Learning and Innovation based in Singapore. He shares with us some wonderful insights about how technology should be used in educational settings and also recommends... Continue Reading →

Making Better Teachers Podcast Episode 14: The Power of the Makerspace

How can we foster creativity and problem-solving skills? How can we engage students in STEM and STEAM? One great way is through the Makerspace. This week we chat with Mike Bycraft, the Head of Design and Innovation at a major international school in Korea. He tells us about all of the amazing things he's doing... Continue Reading →

Making Better Teachers Podcast 11 – Why Every Teacher Needs a PLN

  Every teacher should build and maintain a Professional Learning Network! In this week's episode, Kevin chats with well know education blogger, Adam Hill, about the importance of connecting with teachers around the world!     Listen to the Making Better Teachers Podcast: Libsyn Player, Download Episode, iTunes / Apple Podcasts,  Google Podcasts Follow Adam Hill on Twitter: @AdamHillEDU... Continue Reading →

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